Locking solutions designed to ensure safety and security in schools


School premises are one of the places where students and teachers should feel protected at all times. This means ensuring that no unauthorised persons can enter the school as they wish, and that school assets are kept safe.

Safety and protection goes way beyond locked doors. For complete safety all around the school, it is always important to install effective locking solutions such as access control on rooms where sensitive information is stored, high security gate locks to prevent intrusions, as well CCTV cameras to keep an eye on student safety and ensure no unwanted access. ASSA ABLOY offers a wide range of locking solutions designed to ensure the safety of all people and assets in the school.

The durability and sustainability of the school is also as important as the safety of its people. With the high traffic of energetic and playful learners, it is much easier for doors and ironmongery to get broken from tough user conditions. This is why ASSA ABLOY door closers ensure smooth functioning of the doors and prevent them from banging against the door frame when closing the door. You can also install kick plates on classroom doors and restrooms to prevent damage

In addition, door accessories such as door stops can play a huge role in keeping the walls looking clean and newly painted at all times. This is because often when we open doors too hard it can slam on the walls and cause damage overtime. The door stops will prevent the door from hitting the wall when opened. 

Ensure full protection and safety all around the school and call ASSA ABLOY on +256 758 156 900   to find out how you can make the school a better protected and secure place at all times.